Why You Should Select High-Quality Winter Wiper Blades

October 30th, 2021 by

Winter wiper blades actually differ quite a bit from normal, or summer, blades. One of the key differences is that they make use of a protective rubber layer. This feature lets them continue to function, regardless of any snowy or icy conditions that may be facing them.

At Moore Cadillac Richmond, we want local drivers to make the best possible choices when it comes to selecting wiper blades for their precious vehicles. Unfortunately, many Richmond, VA motorists fail to switch over their wiper blades when conditions get more frigid. This can, of course, create several problems.

A summer blade, with its lack of a protective layer, will often end up becoming too stiff to function in very cold weather. Winter wiper blades will help you avoid this issue. Additionally, winter blades have a great deal more strength than their summer counterparts, which allows them to more efficiently fight off freezing rain and snow.

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